Top 9 Challenges of Business Essay Writing Paper

The combination of an entrepreneurial mind, sharp analytical skills and proficient writing techniques are a few abilities that make a business student successful in the corporate world. However, the other skills mentioned above come with time and experience, but learning how to write a flawless business essay comes with practice.

If we talk about the initial writing problem every student face during their academic life, it is something worth worrying. This is the stage where learners either recognize and polish their profound interest in writing or completely alienate themselves from creating content. For this, there are multiple business essay writing services helping students overcome their fears and teaching them compositional tips to boost their grades. Because too often, students discard the use of correct grammar, punctuations and form improper sentences that affect the content quality.

Remember, if you are writing a product description for your business paper, the quality of your product is determined based on how well the proposal is drafted. So, you must be a little bit more careful about what you include in your content and how you communicate it. Need guidance? Check out these 9 common mistakes that every student makes while writing a business paper.

Learning From The Mistakes Made In Business Essay Examples

1.    Poor Punctuation and Grammatical Errors

Not only in business writing but your everyday writing should be error-free. Poor punctuation and grammatical errors put a low impression on your business planning. Imagine running a multinational company whose proposals are unclear because of the lack of writing accuracy.

So, the key is once you have written your document, proofread it yourself or ask your classmates or friends to check it until it has no errors left. Note that asking another person to do the editing polishes your content to its true potential.

2.    Using Passive Voice

Heavy usage of passive voice might be confusing sometimes. But still, some students tend to use passive voice to avoid putting blame or accountability on other individuals. This shift in the voices may not be intentional but it disturbs the flow of the content, making it difficult for the reader to understand your viewpoint.

Don’t know what passive voice is? Here’s an example, instead of writing, ‘The lunch was served on time by the office boy.’, you can write, ‘The office boy served the lunch on time’.

3.    Using Male Pronounce

As the world is heading towards advancement, it is reported that male pronouns are now considered less attractive in writing. Note that both male and females opt to read materials with female pronounce. However, some business essay topics require you to have a gender-free approach. This is where you can use ‘they’ to deliver your ideas promptly. This will save you from constantly needing to switch from male to female pronouns within the paragraphs.

4.    Mixing Up Homophones

You were taught to use proper homophones in your second grade of school. Remember these next time while you are writing as an expert business student.

  • Your – you’re
  • Their – there – they’re
  • Its – it’s
  • Except – accept
  • To – two – too
  • Effect – affect

The inability to understand the basic differences between each homophone leads to multiple writing errors and mistakes. If you are not sure where to use which one, seek help from the internet or ask your professors to give you a brief overview.  

5.    Excessive Use of Punctuation

Using correct punctuation doesn’t permit you to use it excessively. Business writers often tend to express their emotions by adding extra exclamation marks (!!!) as well as question marks (???) when they want to highlight an important point. But know that the overuse of exclamation marks is considered to voice anger and it might also get your reader offended. So, the best way to write business topics is to totally avoid the use of punctuations or keep it minimal.

6.    Forgetting the Reader

Writing for non-academic content such as blogs and articles are usually written for internet people who do not mind when you forget them while writing. But writing business documents is a real deal. You have to be vigilant enough to address the reader whenever you think is necessary. So, plan and structure your document in a way that the reader doesn’t get bored while reading your material. This will be your plus point to get higher grades than the rest of your class.

7.    Including Unfamiliar Phrases and Abbreviations

There might be phrases used in some organization which are not acceptable in business writing. Avoid using abbreviations that are uncommon because it might require the reader to search it on the internet before they could continue reading. Also, complex words are discouraged to use as it increases the complexity and confuses the reader. Hence, the best way to write a business paper is by keeping the content clear and concise. This ensures that the message gets across the table easily.

8.    Too much text

An ideal business document should have 50% text and 50% blank space. Likewise, using correct font size as well as proper fonts play a great role in business writing. Also, the content must be easy-to-read to grab the reader’s attention. Fonts like Aerial, Times New Roman and Sans Serif are some font examples you can use while writing a business document. Lastly, if you keep all these tips in mind, you are deemed to receive appreciation and better grades!

9.    Failure to Proofread

Once you have written the document make sure to proofread it. Many overlooked mistakes can be corrected only if you go through the entire document one more time once you have finished. Furthermore, it is a good practice to have someone revise your work before it is ready for submission. Note that submitting an unproved material might destroy the company’s image you are writing for. Because it is the words that are the most important tool in building a brand’s image.

All in all, writing is not an easy art to master. Although with the time you might be able to overcome the mistakes you do today, some mistakes can be taken care of right away. All you need to do is follow the writing steps of creating an impeccable business paper and you are guaranteed to receive the grades you deserve.

However, submitting a flawless business paper might not be your goal of the semester but by doing so, you are preparing yourself for the professional business writing world where readers have a low tolerance for incorrect grammar and wrong punctuation. Plus, what is the point of writing a business paper when your ideas aren’t delivered to your audience or there is no clarity in the process? So, take as much as time you want to plan, research, draft and write the content for the next business paper to make it a big hit!

If you still don’t feel comfortable writing the business paper yourself, seek assistance. There are professional business writers ready to help you submit top-notch quality content. Just ensure choosing the best among them for maximum efficiency.